Mark Gross

When Mark Gross was a child, he participated in Lighthouse Guild’s Youth Program. “It was an awesome experience,” Mark says, “where I was able to take karate, cooking, home economics, creative writing, dance, and other programs that built my confidence. Everyone was helpful, patient, and understanding, so when I got older I wanted to give back. For me, it was a natural transition to move from being a client to being a volunteer.”

Mark began his volunteer experience in 2019 as an intern and found it so satisfying that at the end of that four-month stint, he continued as a volunteer receptionist for Vocational Rehabilitation services. “I love the work and the connections I make with and for clients. I get to greet everyone, connect them with Orientation & Mobility and Rehabilitation instructors for treatment, and assist with scheduling. It’s important for clients to have access to tools and technologies, so I also provide computer assistance.” In addition, Mark helps Lighthouse Guild social workers with phone calls and errands.

As a child, Lighthouse Guild showed Mark the way to a full and independent life. Now, eighteen years later, Mark is happy to be paying it forward as a volunteer.