Robert’s Story

Robert Schonfeld was a private art dealer and curatorial consultant before macular degeneration eventually forced him to retire. As his vision loss progressed, he was able to continue his work as a photographer, especially with the advent of digital, self-focusing cameras. But then he realized that he was feeling depressed. “I needed somebody to talk to, someone who would provide counseling regarding my loss of vision and bouts with depression. Simply put, I have a real need to see and the idea of losing vision became a real stumbling block.”

Mr. Schonfeld started coming to Lighthouse Guild’s Behavioral Health Services. “I made the decision that I was not going to give up even though I knew that I was unable to see much of what was in the viewfinder. I drew a line in the sand. Therapy at Lighthouse Guild has enabled me to continue with photography and to see the benefit of not giving up. With Lighthouse Guild’s help, I have been able to put together a set of behavioral tools that help guide and motivate me. If not for Lighthouse Guild, where else can a person turn for the kind of help that I’m receiving here?”