Sponsor an ADHC Program Participant

Thank you for sponsoring an ADHC Program Participant for our Annual Holiday Celebration!

Please complete the application below to secure your registration. We will contact you shortly to provide the name, age (if applicable) and gender of the senior you have sponsored.

The seniors who are eligible to receive a gift attend one of our Adult Day Health Care Programs.  The Adult Day Health Care Program provides health care and recreation for people with vision loss as well as chronic medical conditions.

As a sponsor, you are asked to provide a personalized gift package that contains an age/gender/ability-appropriate gift item.

We would also gladly accept a financial donation for the purchase of a gift package for a senior. To make a financial donation, please click here.

All gift packages must be received by Wednesday, December 11, 2019 or Wednesday, December 18, 2019 depending upon the location of the participant you sponsor. Gifts must be brand new and wrapped in holiday paper or placed in a decorative gift bag.  With your confirmation e-mail, you will receive additional information including suggested gift items and how to label your gift.

Please deliver or mail your gift package to the Volunteer Resources Department at 250 West 64th Street, 6th floor, New York 10023.

If you have any questions please contact The Volunteer Resources Department at 646-874-8688 or email us.

Sponsor an ADHC Program Participant

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