Listed below are some tips for writing a compelling volunteer award nomination:

  1. Make this a joint effort.
  1. Inform your nominee of your intent to nominate him or her and confirm that if selected, s/he will accept the award.
  1. Gather the facts.
    1. Review the nomination questions with the nominee to confirm details about his/her service.
    2. Get input from the people who either benefit from or support the volunteer’s involvement, i.e., the volunteer’s supervisor, staff members in the department where s/he volunteers, client(s) the volunteer serves.
  1. Demonstrate impact.
    1. Quantify the nominees’ service (i.e., number of years volunteering, hours volunteered per week, Lighthouse Guild departments where s/he volunteers).
    2. Qualify the nominee’s service. Describe the impact that the nominee’s service has had on the person or department served.
    3. Describe how the nominee’s service reflects a commitment to the Lighthouse Guild mission which is to foster independence and enable people with low vision and blindness to live safe, independent and productive lives.
  1. Ask a member of the Volunteer Resources Department team to assist you with gathering or confirming information to support your nomination. We are here to help!

Remember, the Committee can only evaluate your nomination based on the information you provide about your nominee.

Thank you for taking time to nominate a deserving volunteer and helping us to recognize their contributions to Lighthouse Guild.