GuildNet Has New President and COO

Posted on 10/21/2013

Wanda Figueroa-Kilroy, RN, MSN, GuildNet ‘s Executive Vice President since 2004, has been appointed GuildNet’s President. Eileen M. Hanley, RN, MBA, GuildNet’s Senior Vice President since 2008, has been appointed Chief Operating Officer. GuildNet has become a leader in New York State in offering Managed Long Term Care. It currently serves 14,500 members with multiple plans to care for people with chronic diseases.

Guild President & CEO and GuildNet CEO, Alan R. Morse, JD, PhD, said of Ms. Figueroa- Kilroy, “Wanda has played an integral role in GuildNet’s growth from its early days. Her new leadership role places her in a position to further grow and develop GuildNet’s exemplary model of care for its rapidly increasing membership.”

Ms. Figueroa-Kilroy joined GuildNet in 2000, as Director of Clinical Operations/Patient Services. She subsequently became Vice President of Clinical Operations/Patient Services, and then Senior Vice President. Before she came to the Guild, Ms. Figueroa- Kilroy was Assistant Director of Nursing at Beth Abraham Health Services. Eileen M. Hanley joined GuildNet in 2004, as Assistant Vice President of Clinical Services. Previ- ously, she was Manager of the Supportive Care Program and Palliative Care Services at St. Vincent’s Hospital/Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers.