Programs for Occupational Therapists

The Impact of Visual Issues on Child Development

Visual impairment can affect many areas of development, learning and function, particularly for children with multiple impairments.  This program provides an overview of the visual system and describes the varied impact of visual impairment on children’s achievement of developmental milestones and their function in daily activities.  Approaches are presented for assessing vision and visual skills through information gathering, observation, and basic assessment of visual function.  Strategies are also provided for addressing the impact of visual impairment on early motor development, cognitive and sensory processing skills, and self-care skills.

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Low Vision in Older Adults: Foundations for Rehabilitation (second edition)

Vision loss can present different challenges in older adults compared with younger clients. The program helps occupational therapists recognize how different types of vision loss in older adults can affect daily activities; learn about treatment strategies for these individuals; and identify approaches and adaptive devices that help clients maximize their remaining vision.

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Low Vision Assessment for Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy for low vision is a growing area of practice, and occupational therapists are an integral part of the vision rehabilitation team. Assessment of low vision is the first step in creating an effective vision rehabilitation program. This two-hour program provides guidance on low vision assessment so you can optimize your clients’ vision rehabilitation to improve their performance.

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