Programs for Optometrists

Incorporating Vision Rehabilitation into Optometric Care

Optometrists are a crucial part of the care team for patients with low vision. They are situated to manage and address patients’ ocular health and visual function, including to provide or refer patients to vision rehabilitation services. This program provides an understanding of low vision and vision rehabilitation that will enable you to effectively identify patients with low vision, incorporate basic low vision care into practice and/or make appropriate referrals.

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Visual Dysfunction

A 1-hour online program, divided into four parts. The program is designed to provide health care professionals, such as optometrists, rehabilitation professionals and others, with an understanding of the range of visual dysfunctions associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI) which may create or exacerbate the physical and cognitive symptoms seen in TBI, particularly with mild TBI.  Approaches are discussed for identifying and assessing visual dysfunction and impairment in patients with TBI, for differentiating visual symptoms from symptoms related to brain injury, and for addressing these symptoms.

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