Integrating Children with Visual Impairment into the Preschool Classroom

About This Program

The integration of children with vision loss into preschool classrooms provides benefits both for these students as well as their sighted peers and teachers. Through this one-hour program, preschool teachers can expand their knowledge of the causes of vision loss in children, its impact on their learning and development, and accommodations that help them participate fully in the classroom. Upon completing the program, you will receive a printable certificate.

Who May Benefit

  • Preschool teachers

What Is Covered

This program is comprised of three modules and includes narration with a transcript option as well as descriptive photographs and supplemental handouts and resources to augment your learning experience. After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the impact vision loss has on a child’s ability to develop and learn.
  • Communicate effectively with children who have vision loss.
  • Create a classroom environment that facilitates access and participation for children with vision loss.
  • Identify ways to incorporate vision-related instructional, material, and technological adaptations into teaching to assist with learning.

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