Navigation Solutions for People with Vision Impairment Is Topic of Latest Episode of Lighthouse Guild Podcast “On Tech & Vision with Dr. Cal Roberts”

NEW YORK, (February 16, 2021) – Navigation technology and how to implement a navigation solution that enables people with vision impairment to travel cities independently is the topic of the latest episode of the popular podcast “On Tech & Vision with Dr. Cal Roberts.” Calvin W. Roberts, MD, podcast host and President and CEO of Lighthouse Guild, talks with Javier Pita Lozano, creator of NaviLens, a technology designed for people with vision impairment that marries location finding with information to make public spaces and transportation more accessible.

Dr. Roberts also talks with representatives of New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority — one of the biggest transportation hubs in the world — about the importance of accessible public transportation for people who are visually impaired and how NaviLens technology can help make independent navigation a reality.

“How the Simple QR Code Became an Empowering Navigation Tool” is the eighth episode in the Lighthouse Guild podcast series exploring big ideas on how technology is helping people with vision loss. “On Tech & Vision with Dr. Cal Roberts,” is available online at and for downloading on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio Podcasts and Twitter: @LighthouseGld #OnTechVision. The podcast has hit over 2,000 downloads since it launched in 2020.

Topics of other episodes include:

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