WHAT: Men’s health is a family problem that affects wives, mothers, daughters and sisters. For Men’s Health Month, GuildNet, a program of Lighthouse Guild, is encouraging Latino families to help men stay healthy after 60.

GuildNet’s medical director, Dr. Claudia Menzel, who was raised in Guatemala, has extensive healthcare experience and is available to discuss:

  • The importance of men’s health
  • How to prevent health problems and what are the early detection steps and treatments of key diseases affecting the Latino men

WHY: This is the 24th anniversary of Men’s Health Week. President Clinton signed the law in 1994. The goal has not changed: Encouraging men everywhere to make health a priority and live a happier life.

GuildNet, a New York City-based health plan specializing in providing community-based coordinated care, is also encouraging families to help ensure her future health by scheduling regular eye exams. GuildNet is a program of Lighthouse Guild, a nonprofit organization which has been providing quality vision and health services since 1905.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, the Hispanic community is 50% more likely than non-Hispanic whites to succumb to liver disease and complications from diabetes. There are certain types of cancer tend to strike Hispanic Americans more often as well. The CDC and Prevention this week reported a steady, stubborn rise in the national suicide rate, up 25 percent since 1999. The rates have been climbing each year across most age and ethnic groups. Mental Health is also impacting the Latino community.

WHO: Dr. Claudia Menzel, GuildNet Medical Director

WHEN:   June 11 – June 30: Starting next week during Men’s Health Week until the end of June (available upon request).

Contact:     Marisol Yanez, IW Group, Marisol.yanez@iwgroupinc.com


GuildNet is a health plan that specializes in providing community-based coordinated care.  Based in New York City, GuildNet is available in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island.  For more information: http://guildnetny.org or call 1.800.932.4703.