You’ve worked this hard. Let us help you go the rest of the way.

Living with blindness or vision loss is a challenge. Not being able to pay for college should not be a part of that challenge. Lighthouse Guild supports higher education for all individuals and acknowledges the achievements of academically qualified high school and college students who are seeking to further their education. We offer scholarships for students with vision loss that help them make a successful transition to college and graduate education.

Each year, our merit-based scholarship program helps up to 17 outstanding legally blind high school students from across the country. We also provide a scholarship each year to a qualifying graduate student. The award is unrestricted, so you can use it for whatever you wish: tuition, room and board, books, and travel. If you have a record of strong academic accomplishment and merit, apply for a scholarship and take another step toward the advanced education you deserve.

The deadline for scholarship application is March 31.

We offer scholarships for:

  • College education, to high school students who will be incoming freshmen
  • Graduate education (Master’s degree, PhD, MD, JD, or other post-baccalaureate degree), to students, already attending or planning to attend graduate school