Parent Tele-Support Presentations

The Parent Tele-Support Presentations program provides information about topics related to parenting a child with vision loss. Topics are selected by parents who participate in the Parent Tele-Support Program and include child development, education, advocacy, among others. Presentations are given by experts in the field of blindness and visual impairment.

Monday, November 18, 2019 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST

Lighthouse Guild Tele-Support presents: Tips to Decrease Stress when Traveling

This call will address traveling with children with vision impairments and how to decrease stress and increase confidence.

Judith Millman has been working in the field of vision rehabilitation for most of her professional career — retiring from the Lighthouse Guild as the Vice President for the Hudson Valley after 30 years of service. Ms. Millman has been facilitating the CVI tele-support group — with well over 100 participants — since its inception about 14 years ago. She also facilitates the LCA tele-support group for parents of children with this rare genetic disease.
In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her husband (Portugal and Italy are favorite destinations), gardening, reading and visiting our 5 grandchildren — ages 2 through 15 and living in 4 different states.
Ms. Millman is very proud to be a part of Lighthouse Guild’s services to parents and empowering them to be effective advocates for their children.