Tele-Support Presentations

The Tele-Support Presentations program provides information about topics related to parenting a child with vision loss. Topics are selected by parents who participate in the Tele-Support Program and include child development, education, advocacy, among others. Presentations are given by experts in the field of blindness and visual impairment.

Monday, April 19, 2021 8:30PM – 9:30PM EDT

Utilizing Adaptive Technology for Children with Visual Impairments

Adaptive technology can make learning more accessible for children with visual impairment by enhancing their ability to learn and encouraging independence. During this presentation, Angelo Pacheco will review the latest technology with Apple, Alexa and Microsoft systems that are most accessible to assist children with visual impairment in everyday tasks.

Angelo Pacheco, Program Administrator for the Assistive Technology Center and Adaptive Living Program, has been at Lighthouse Guild for thirty-four years.  For the last twenty years he has provided consumers in the educational and employment field with access technology assessments, trainings, job saves, and strategic interventions. He has a broad knowledge base of operating systems which include MS Windows, MAC, and Linux as well as past and present mainstream/access applications. Prior to this he was a Job Coach for seven years. In the past he has assisted the Mayor’s office design an accessible web site and provided IBM with his feedback on their open-source browser. For thirteen years, he conducted access technology training for children on Saturdays.


Monday, May 17, 2021 8:30PM – 9:30PM EDT

Building Resilience in Children and Teens- Dr. Laura Newman, PhD

During this past year, children have been faced with the challenge of navigating new ways of learning, socializing, and managing anxiety caused by uncertainty. As a parent, teacher, or caregiver you may feel discouraged because you don’t know how to help your child overcome these obstacles. While it may not be possible to protect your child from the ups and downs of life, you can provide them with the tools they need to be resilient. Emotional resiliency is the ability to re-group and re-bound after a period of stress and hardship. Sometimes what a child learns about her or himself while “bouncing back” is more valuable than where they happen to land. Join us for a discussion about the psychological underpinning of resilience and learn some strategies for optimizing it in the home.

Dr. Laura Newman, PhD With eighteen years of experience conducting assessment and psychotherapy as a licensed psychologist, Dr. Laura Newman treats patients with a variety of clinical conditions including traumatic brain injury, adjustment to vision impairment and other physical disabilities, mood disorders, trauma, and personality disorders. Dr. Newman joined the Mental Health Clinic of Lighthouse Guild in 2013 as the clinic’s psychologist, where she works within an interdisciplinary team of other mental health providers. Dr. Newman works closely with family and community members of disability-impacted individuals, in order to optimize home-based support for increasing patient coping and self-efficacy.  She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from New School for Social Research.