A guiding hand for kids and teens

It can be challenging enough to be a child or a teenager. And it can be difficult to live with vision loss. Put the two together, and life can get pretty overwhelming. At Lighthouse Guild, we get it. We understand the concerns of children and teenagers who have vision loss (and their concerned parents). We have special programs that teach the skills needed to grow into independent individuals.

Our Youth and Teen Programs for 6- to 21-year-old students who have vision loss in New York feature social and recreational activities to build self-confidence; guidance and rehabilitation to prepare young people for life after high school; and career services to guide young adults seeking a job and looking to take their place in the work world as productive contributors to society. Students 14-20 need to be legally blind in order to enroll.

Call us at 646-874-8322 to see if your child is eligible or email us.

What does life after high school look like for you?

Lighthouse Guild has programs just for teens getting ready to leave high school and move on to college or work.