Youth Leadership Program

Empowering tomorrow’s leaders to meet today’s challenges

Do you look out on the world around you and imagine ways you could make it better?
When others sit back and say “oh well,” are you the person who says “what can I do?”
Do you see yourself pursuing more than just a job one day? You want a bright and meaningful career?

We’re here for you!

At Lighthouse Guild, we celebrate the potential of our young leaders and offer unique opportunities for learning and support.

The Youth Leadership Program at Lighthouse Guild is an elite training and personal development opportunity for young people with vision impairment.  Built on the premise of strengthening students’ innate leadership potential, the YLP is a summer program that attracts high school students from all throughout the NYC metro area.  In the program, students engage in an intensive blend of instruction, interactive workshops and collaborative projects, with the goal of honing critical skills needed for upward-bound academic and career journeys.

Students in the YLP learn about key areas of impactful leadership, including:

  • Management
  • Team Building
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Communication
  • Building Relationships
  • Priority and Goal Setting
  • Collaboration
  • Diplomacy and Conflict Management

Youth Leadership Program – Summer 2020

The Summer 2020 Youth Leadership Program is accepting applications.  The program in 2020 will be primarily virtual, with sessions occurring three days per week for six weeks.  Dates are TBD for the months of July and August.

Ready to take that next step forward?

Apply for the Youth Leadership Program