NYC Coalition on Aging & Vision

Institution Name: NYC Coalition on Aging & Vision
Description of Services:

The NYC Vision Coalition on Aging & Vision (Vision Coalition) works to improve and increase access to vision-related services for adults 55 and older through community outreach programs, daily and independent living skills training, employment and job training, low vision services, and recreation services, as well as individual counseling and support groups. In addition, the Vision Coalition conducts monthly workshops designed for elders, healthcare professionals, and community gatekeepers to increase awareness of (1) the growing challenge of age-related eye diseases, (2) screening to detect vision problems, (3) prevention, treatment, and vision rehabilitation options, and (4) linkage to access exams, low vision specialists, and rehabilitation services in New York City.

Address: 2 Lafayette Street, 11th Floor
City: New York
State: NY
Zip Code: 10007
Website Address:
Phone Number: 212 602-4465