South Jersey Eye Center

Institution Name: South Jersey Eye Center
Description of Services:

The South Jersey Eye Center is the only freestanding non-profit facility of its kind in New Jersey. Over five decades of operation, the Center has logged over 400,000 visits from clients of all ages with language, physical, or economic barriers to quality eye care. Reducing disparities in access to services and eye care is a fundamental goal of the South Jersey Eye Center. The Center provides community outreach programs through three outreach facilities and a mobile vision clinic, as well as educational programs at senior centers, low vision screening, and visual aids. In collaboration with local Lions Clubs, the Center conducts amblyopia (“lazy eye”) screening and offers a remediation program for preschoolers.

Address: 400 Chambers Avenue
City: Camden
State: NJ
Zip Code: 8103
Website Address:
Phone Number: 856 365-1811