The Seeing Eye

Institution Name: The Seeing Eye
Description of Services:

The Seeing Eye is a philanthropic organization based in Morristown, New Jersey whose mission is to enhance the independence, dignity, and self-confidence of people with vision loss through the use of Seeing Eye® dogs. Each student is asked to pay $150 for his or her first visit to The Seeing Eye and $50 for each subsequent visit. Those who served in the armed forces pay $1. This fee, unchanged since 1934, includes the cost of the dog and its initial equipment; the student’s instruction with the dog; room and board during the 18 to 25 days the student spends at the school; round-trip transportation from anywhere in the United States or Canada to the school; and lifetime follow-up services. This payment may be made in installments. No one has ever been denied a Seeing Eye dog for lack of funds.

Address: P.O. Box 375
City: Morristown
State: NJ
Zip Code: 7963
Website Address:
Phone Number: 973 539-4425
Toll Free: 800 539-4425