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Vice President Behavioral Health Services,
Dr. Goldie Dersh

Lighthouse Guild’s Behavioral Health programs offer a comprehensive array of therapeutic services in clinical and day treatment settings.

Clinical Services

Our psychiatric clinic is the only clinic of its kind in the country. We specialize in providing care for problems related to a range of coexisting conditions such as vision loss and blindness, traumatic brain injury, diabetes and physical disabilities.

Our state of the art services are also open to members of the community who face emotional stresses related to work, school and social relationships and to people with serious mental illness.

Services are provided by clinical social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists in a welcoming and supportive environment, and include:

Psychotherapy: Individual, Couple, Family and Group
Talking with our psychotherapists in individual or group settings can help you cope with your specific situation and take control of your life.

Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology
Our psychiatrics can assess the causes of your distress, and if needed, prescribe medications to help reduce your symptoms.

Comprehensive Assessment: Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing
Our physicians can assess the overall effect of a diagnosed condition on your functioning, so that treatment can be tailored to help you the most.

Medical Coordination and Wellness
Our behavioral health team works together, as well as with your primary care provider to ensure that your care is coordinated and integrated.


Day Treatment Programs

Lighthouse Guild day treatment programs help individuals maintain their health and independence. Programs include:

Mental Health Day Treatment
Helps individuals with psychiatric diagnoses remain in the community and helps prevent psychiatric hospitalization.