Youth Transition Programs

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Manager Placement Services,
Marcia Shaw

Our Saturday Youth Transition Programs offer a collection of rehabilitation, pre-vocational and recreational services that are age appropriate and tailored to an individual’s level of skill.

The program operates from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and provides a wide variety of services either individually or in a group setting, including orientation and mobility, rehabilitation training, computer training, social work counseling, career preparation, physical education, creative arts, creative writing, and drama.

Field trips are offered in the areas of career exploration and community/cultural awareness. Parent support groups are scheduled for observation of skills training and discussion.

The program is open first to students in NYC and second to students from Long Island, Westchester, or northern New Jersey counties whose parents are able to escort their children.

Transportation is provided to students in the five boroughs with the exception of Staten Island, where students are welcome to take Access-a-Ride, self-travel if cleared, or can travel escorted.

The program provides training to up to 42 youths ages 14-21 from mid-October to early June in three trimesters (an average of 28 Saturdays). Students are allowed to attend the program for two years, unless CBVH counselors agree to an extended length of time for continuing benefits.