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Lighthouse Guild’s comprehensive integrated vision+healthcare services are coordinated by a multidisciplinary team. Our medical doctors, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, physiatrists and social workers work together, to meet your healthcare needs.

Our innovative and comprehensive approach, based on a philosophy of person-centered care, helps you achieve and maintain the highest possible level of health, function and independence.

Diabetes Care and Endocrinology
At Lighthouse Guild’s Maxine and John M. Bendheim Center for Diabetes Care, we offer many services for people with diabetes, with the goal of helping you stay healthy and preserve your eyesight. Our diabetes care includes our ADA recognized Diabetes Self-Management Education program.

We offer a full service Optometric and Low Vision Clinic, dedicated to diagnosing and treating eye disease as well as providing comprehensive low vision services to people with visual impairment.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Our physiatrist’s aim is to enhance and restore functional ability and improve quality of life for patients with physical impairments or disabilities. Our occupational therapists can help you enjoy a safe, comfortable, independent life with vision loss, after a stroke, or with other medical conditions or diseases. And our physical therapists help you can regain strength and mobility, as well as manage pain.

Our podiatrists can teach you how to care for your feet, watch for warning signs of problems, and avoid injuries, especially if you have diabetes. If you have vision loss, we can teach you special techniques so that you can check your feet yourself.

Primary Care
Our board-certified doctors keep a careful eye on every aspect of your healthcare. You’ll develop a deep, trusting relationship with your primary care physician, who can help you find the right specialists, facilities and programs to help you live a healthier life.

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