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Diabetes and Vision Loss

If you have diabetes, careful monitoring and control can help you avoid vision loss, as well as other health problems associated with diabetes. At Lighthouse Guild’s Maxine and John M. Bendheim Center for Diabetes Care, we offer many services for people with diabetes and have an expertise in caring for people with vision loss. Our goal is to help you stay healthy and preserve your eyesight.

What We Offer

  • Endocrinology: With diabetes, one of the best ways you can improve your health is to consult an endocrinologist. Why? Because endocrinology is the science of glands and hormones, and your endocrine system is affected by diabetes. For example, the pancreas is the gland that produces insulin, and if you have diabetes, your pancreas has either stopped producing insulin, which regulates blood sugar, or your body has become resistant to insulin.

    Our board-certified endocrinologists are part of the medical team that can diagnose your diabetes, help you learn how to manage the disease, and avoid complications such as vision loss.

  • Diabetes self-management education: Through individual and group education, a registered nurse certified in diabetes education will help you learn practical techniques and strategies for taking your medications, monitoring your blood sugar, and along with lifestyle changes, help you feel better. Our program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association.
  • Diabetes and your diet: Having diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods, but a healthy, balanced diet is the key to helping you manage your disease.

    Our certified nutritionists teach you about the importance of your diet and different nutrients, help you put together meal plans that work for you, and show you how to make smart choices when eating at a restaurant or elsewhere outside your home.

  • Group support: If you have diabetes, you don’t have to go it alone. Join our Diabetes Support Group and learn from people who are in the same situation and understand what you’re facing. Share your experience and what you’ve learned and get support from others.