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Lighthouse Guild’s multi-disciplinary team evaluates and treats people with physical and functional disabilities resulting from conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, and amputation, to restore maximum functional ability and quality of life.


If you are having difficulty moving around or functioning as a result of a disease or injury to your muscles, bones, tissues and nervous system, our physiatrist will diagnose and treat your pain, create a treatment plan, and coordinate your rehabilitation care. Working with the occupational therapists and physical therapists on the rehabilitation team, our physiatrist’s aim is to enhance and restore your functional ability and improve your quality of life.

Occupational Therapy

Living with vision loss, or recovering after a stroke, can mean relearning how to do the things you used to do without thinking. You may have to compensate for memory issues, learn how to complete daily tasks in new ways, or make your home safer to avoid falls.

Our occupational therapists can help you enjoy a safe, comfortable, independent life with vision loss, after a stroke, or with other medical conditions or diseases. Following a doctor’s prescription, our occupational therapists can help with:

  • Learning to use adaptive devices in daily activities
  • Tips for improving lighting, contrast, glare control, and ergonomics in your home
  • Using new grooming and dressing techniques
  • Ways to continue participating in leisure activities
  • Using memory books and other devices to aid memory
  • Identifying fall hazards in your home
  • Seating evaluation and wheelchair prescription

Physical Therapy

Vision loss, diabetes, stroke, and other medical conditions and diseases can make the daily activities you take for granted difficult or impossible, and increase your risk for a fall.

By working with our physical therapists, you can regain strength and mobility, as well as manage pain. You can build muscle tone and balance to help you do everyday tasks more safely and independently.

Having vision loss or another medical condition doesn’t mean you have to stop caring for yourself or living independently. Our physical therapists can show you how.