One of New York State’s leading programs for assistive technology training for people with vision loss

We can provide guidance using technology you may already own, including handheld devices and their latest smart features, as well as specialized computer programs.  We are a testing site for new technologies and can discuss the best options for your needs.

We help you learn how to use these life-changing tools and develop the skills you need to succeed in school or at work. We also guide teachers and employers in making accommodations in the classroom and workplace to set the stage for students and employees to be productive and successful.

Our program includes:

  • Introduction to new features on personal devices you may already own
  •  Instruction on PCs and laptops
  • Beta testing for new technologies
  • Evaluation and training on adaptive equipment
  • Worksite evaluation and technical assistance
  • Employer and teacher instruction

Being blind or having vision loss does not need to be a barrier to your success. Come to Lighthouse Guild to learn how we can help you thrive in school or at work.