Resources for Parents of Children Newly Diagnosed with Vision Loss

You are at the beginning of journey. At this early stage, you may feel overwhelmed if your child has been diagnosed with vision loss. You are not alone. There are

Smoking and Eye Disease

Smoking tobacco (cigarettes, cigars or pipes) can cause lung disease, heart disease, cancer, and many other serious health problems. But did you know that smoking can also harm your eyes?

Living with Glaucoma: Connecting People with Vision and Health Services

Presented by Janet Weinstein, Director of Outreach, Lighthouse Guild A discussion on the latest vision and health services available to individuals with glaucoma through Lighthouse Guild: Aging and vision The

Protect Your Eyes This Summer

Wearing Sunglasses with UV Protection Helps to Prevent Serious Eye Damage It’s common knowledge that exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun can cause skin damage. But many people may

Traveling With Vision Loss

By Carol Moog With summer almost here, many people are getting out and about locally or planning vacations. Whether traveling near home or overseas, there are guidelines people with vision

Dr. Susan Weinstein discussing Women’s Eye Health on SiriusXM “Beyond the Heart”

Dr. Susan Weinstein discussing women’s eye health and other vision-related topics on SiriusXM Radio “Beyond the Heart”.

Understanding Vision Loss: What Social Workers Need to Know

by Steve Reinhardt, LCSW and AnneMarie O’Hearn, MPA Stephen Reinhard, LCSW, has been with Lighthouse Guild since 1975. He has been the Director of Lighthouse Guild’s Psychiatric Clinic since 2004.

eLearning Course Helps Older Adults Adapt to Vision Loss

Lighthouse Guild offers an online continuing education course called Low Vision in Older Adults: Foundations for Rehabilitation (Second Edition).

Behavioral Health

César A. Alfonso, MD, published an article in Psychiatric Times called “PTSD and Suicide After Natural Disasters.” Citing the devastation in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria in September 2017, Dr. Alfonso noted that the prevalence of PTSD among victims doubles after a natural disaster and lasts for two years afterward.

Vision Loss Has Significant Impact on Use of Hospital Resources and Costs for Older Patient

A national study with broad implications has found that older patients with vision loss who are hospitalized for common disorders are often not identified as requiring special attention, which can affect outcomes, resource use and costs.