Reflections of Braille: How This Revolutionary Dot System Continues to Evolve with the Technology of Electronic Braille

Many people still don’t realize just how technology has transformed Braille. Older machines could cost up to $5000 and were heavy and difficult to carry around. Today there are new machines continuously dropping in price that can fit in a purse!

Tactile Book Project for You and Your Child

Tactile experience books are a great idea for all children. They can be used to encourage independent reading, to improve daily living skills, or to help children make sense of the world around them. They are a way to connect objects and words in books to their personal experiences.

Reflections of Braille: How This Revolutionary Dot System Continues to Evolve with the Technology of Electronic Braille

A critical event occurred on September 25, 2018, when the House of Representatives unanimously passed the Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act, which has the global potential to change the reading lives of people who are blind or have vision loss.

Happier Holidays for Children with Vision Loss

Children with vision loss, mental health issues or developmental and physical challenges such as autism, sensory issues, depression and anxiety may need extra help managing the festivities of the season. They also do not all experience the holidays the same way.

A Hybrid Indoor Positioning System for the Blind and Visually Impaired Using Bluetooth and Google Tango

Blind & visually impaired individuals often face challenges in wayfinding in unfamiliar environments. Thus, an accessible indoor positioning and navigation system that safely and accurately positions and guides such individuals would be welcome.

Test-retest Variability of a Standardized Low Vision Lighting Assessment

The LuxIQ is a portable lighting assessment tool that can be used to systematically measure lighting preferences; however, there is little independent evidence to support its reliability in low vision rehabilitation.

Diabetes Awareness Month

In recognition of Diabetes awareness month, The National Eye Institute (NEI) and Lighthouse Guild are presenting a social media campaign to raise awareness about the disease’s devastating effect on vision and what can be done to prevent vision loss.

Performance of Real-world Functional Tasks Using an Updated Oral Electronic Vision Device in Persons Blinded by Trauma

There is an immediate need for noninvasive therapies to improve the functional abilities of persons blinded by traumatic injury. The BrainPort Vision Pro, an updated hands-free oral electronic vision device, enables perception of visual information using the tongue as a substitute for the eye.

Current Practice in Low Vision Rehabilitation of Age-related Macular Degeneration and Usefulness of Virtual Reality as a Rehabilitation Tool

This study surveys current low vision rehabilitation practice methodologies among French practitioners and – their opinions about the utility of using virtual reality as a tool for low vision rehabilitation training in patients with AMD.

Planning a Museum Trip – Tips for Parents of Children with Vision Loss

Visiting a museum with a child who is blind or has low vision may seem like a tough thing to do, but just like many parenting tasks, if you break things down and prepare ahead, the seemingly ominous project may not be so tough after all.