Traveling With Vision Loss

By Carol Moog With summer almost here, many people are getting out and about locally or planning vacations. Whether traveling near home or overseas, there are guidelines people with vision

#EyeOnHealth: ADA: Making Art Accessible

Dr. Linda Gerra, Lighthouse Guild’s Director of Children’s Vision Programs, is an expert in blindness and visual impairment, specifically in the education of children and young adults.

Restore and Maintain Independence With Rehab

Physical therapy focuses on restoring a function by improving movement, balance, pain management and gaining strength after an injury or illness.

Traveling With Low Vision

Tips for navigating travel by air, bus or rail when you can’t see well.

Reflections of Braille: How This Revolutionary Dot System Continues to Evolve with the Technology of Electronic Braille

Many people still don’t realize just how technology has transformed Braille. Older machines could cost up to $5000 and were heavy and difficult to carry around. Today there are new machines continuously dropping in price that can fit in a purse!

Reflections of Braille: How This Revolutionary Dot System Continues to Evolve with the Technology of Electronic Braille

A critical event occurred on September 25, 2018, when the House of Representatives unanimously passed the Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act, which has the global potential to change the reading lives of people who are blind or have vision loss.

Help for Veterans Who Have Vision Loss

There are approximately 130,000 veterans in the United States who are legally blind and over a million veterans who have low vision which decreases their ability to perform necessary daily activities.

My New Student is Blind. What Do I Need to Know?

If the student is blind or has vision loss, he or she needs to receive an orientation to the building, specifically classroom(s), lockers and bathroom. There will also be related service personnel who will need access to the building.

How to Convey Dance to Those Without Sight? All Hands On

Showcasing dance, without the audience’s necessarily seeing it, is Ms. Hashimoto’s life’s work. Her performances and workshops bring dance, a medium with a strong visual component, to those without sight while also providing a new experience for a sighted audience.

Indoor Map Learning for the Visually Impaired

Trip planning is useful for all travelers but especially important for people who are visually impaired however there are often limitations that make trip planning unfeasible for most people with visual impairment. We propose an app that allows users to learn building layouts and travel directions prior to their travel by rehearsing their routes on their device.